Letterbox Seek & Find

Find The Letterboxes!
This Spring Break enjoy the beauty of the South Sound as you search around the McLane Elementary Trail. Make sure before you go to PRINT OUT YOUR OWN STAMP PASSPORT, then watch the VIDEO WITH MRS. HAMILTON, Finally read the clues below and head out! Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 41785 for hiding the letterboxes this year.

Letterbox 1
Leave the school and enter the McLane School Forest on the left (counterclockwise). Walk past the blue building. Find me hiding in a mossy tree with thin, finger-like branches. Don’t look too high. If you arrive at the Peafruit Rose marker, you’ve already gone by.

Letterbox 2
Starting at Mclane Elementary, walk counterclockwise about 1/4 mile to a square wooden platform on the right. If your knees had eyes it would be easy to spot!

Letterbox 3
When you leave McLane and head onto the trail to the left (counterclockwise) head up the hill and then most of the way back down. On the way down the hill you will see bird houses on the left. 20 steps before you get to the sitting bench on the right look for a clump of mossy trees where one looks like it turns into 5. You will find a box nestled in with a bunch of misplaced sticks and twigs. Also, unlike the other boxes this one is not blue, it’s clear.

Letterbox 4
Starting at Mclane Elementary enter the forest trail to the left (counter clockwise) You’ll have to travel a 1/2 mile to find me, past the backside of the school and the birdhouses too, when you see the Eagle scout bench on the right I am almost in view. Right before the trail is going to split, you’ll find two stumps to have a nice sit. Now look around and you will see some suspicious hollow logs shaped like the letter “T”, tucked inside is where you can find me.

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