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#1 You can find number 1 in a field of daffodils when it’s springtime. -It’s at the top of a hill, near the upper pond-You can find it near “Ralph’s Rock”, the biggest rock on the trail that honors its founder. 

#2 You can find #2 near a bench. -There are 3 posts in a triangle shape, with one rusty cylinder in the middle. -It’s not too far from Ralph’s rock! 

#3 This is a nice place to take a rest. -It is close to a fork in the trail. -It is near the bench closest to the stumps. 

Rethinking Thanksgiving: History, Holidays, and Gratitude
Password: gratitude2020
Award-winning authors Kate Messner and Traci Sorell offer a thought-provoking author visit based on their books about the real history of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people, the myth of the “First Thanksgiving,” and modern-day Native traditions of gratitude.

Kate is the author of more than four dozen books for kids, including her new HISTORY SMASHERS illustrated nonfiction series, which unravels myths about history. In this author visit, she’ll share a look behind the scenes at HISTORY SMASHERS: MAYFLOWER and challenge readers to some fun history quizzes, including a “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” investigation of a famous “First Thanksgiving” painting.

Traci Sorell is the author of the Sibert-Honor picture book WE ARE GRATEFUL: OTSALIHELIGA and several other works for young readers that celebrate Indigenous cultures. Traci will talk about Native perspectives on Thanksgiving, using a scene from her 2020 Global Read Aloud selection INDIAN NO MORE as a jumping off point. She’ll share her Cherokee tribe’s views on gratitude along with a partial read-aloud of WE ARE GRATEFUL: OTSALIHELIGA.

Q&A with both authors will follow. 

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