President’s Corner

January 8, 2021

Hello McLane Family!

I think it is time I update the President’s corner since its been a while! By now, a lot of you have heard from me or met me virtually. I am honored to be a part of the McLane Community and actively work with all of you to make a difference in our small corner of the the world. I will tell you that managing a PTSO during a pandemic certainly has its challenges (insert laughter here…) however, I believe that the McLane Community has risen to the occasion time and time again! I am humbled by the dedication, generosity and enthusiasm I encounter on a daily basis and THANK YOU for all that you do.

It’s all in the name! We are the PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization). Although our efforts are primarily focused on our kiddos, we place equal emphasis on our families and Teachers. In that past this has come in many forms, from Back To School Nights, a generous Teacher Dip Fund, the excellent Theater Program, Funapalooza, Teacher Appreciation Week, the Annual Auction and the end of the year Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

This year we have had to modify how we reach out to the community. We have created a Sunshine Fund to help families in need. When we couldn’t have a Back to School event, we partnered with the School to buy school supplies. With the help of our Teacher’s we created a Community Connections Committee to offer a safe virtual platform for our kiddos to connect with their peers. We continued on with the Read-A-Thon (Catch the Reading Bug) all online and lastly we have stood up the McLane Trail and Garden Committee to reinvigorate the McLane trail and create an outdoor community space that we can all enjoy.

It’s now January and although we have no idea what the next weeks and months will bring we stay committed to enhancing our kiddos educational experience! We have a lot of fun ideas and new community partners. You are always welcome to join us. We are you and you are us.

Thank you for all of your support! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to continuing to hear from you. My email is

Kind Regards,


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